Every Passion Of Yours Deserves A Second Chance

live your passion

Everyone deserves a second chance. Similarly every passion of yours deserves a second chance too. This post is dedicated to all those who have selflessly given time to their families, to their work, to their students but have forgotten themselves. When was the last time you gave time to yourself? When was the last time you followed your passion that gave you immense happiness. It has been a long time right? Even though you have dedicated your life for others and feel happy after seeing them happy, but did you feel happy about yourself lately?
We have started living our life but stopped enjoying our life. Think about yourself what were your hobbies, likes, passions have you encouraged yourself enough to continue pursuing your passion. If yes, then great and if not then don’t worry I am there to help you out.

Many times in the race called life we leave behind some things we truly cherish because of few reasons and those are:-

1. What would people say?
2. I have crossed my age to pursue my passion.
3. So what I could not pursue my passion, my child will fulfill my dreams.
4. I love to sing/dance/etc, but whenever I do, I feel I am not meant for it.It is too close to my heart but it is too difficult.
5. People make fun of me and tell me it’s not my cup of tea.

The reasons can be numerous but ultimately if you give in then who is the biggest sufferer? It is YOU and only you. Why to limit yourself because of what others say? It is your life, you live it once.
If you ask me my responses to these reasons would be:-
1. Whatever I do people are there to discuss about me. Only family’s and friend’s support matters. Don’t bother about others.
2. Age is just a number which can’t restrict you to follow something what you love. You may be 25 years and would have enrolled for a dance course and your instructor might be some 20 year old with 5 years of dancing experiences. So your experience with a particular skill matters and that experience only comes after you give time to it. Remember the saying “Rome is not built in a day”.
3. If it is your passion, try and follow your dreams. Chances are your child might have different passion to pursue. If this goes on for a while then no one would be able to follow their own dream. Trust me, this life is given to us only for once if we are able to meet our expectations then one can imagine the happiness that they can get.
4. You need to have patience to prove that you are meant for the passion you wish to pursue. Remember when you were a baby your parents had immense patience to make you learn languages , walk, talk , eat etc. If they can do it, you can too. Just treat your passion as a baby and do wonders with it. It will be difficult at first but then after some time you will improve upon your skills. Remember Neil Armstrong who was the first person to step on the moon. He did something that was incredibly impossible at that point of time. You can do it too.
5. People make fun of you. But that should make you strong enough not to quit, determined enough to practice more, positive enough to show the world that yes that is your cup of tea. There are situations that will make you or break you. Choose wisely.
Few months back even I felt that age is restricting me to do something I love and that had I been younger nothing could have stopped me. Then I read some inspiring stories of people who started their journey at the age 65 + and in few years they achieved success. The people who stopped them to continue their journey are the ones now getting inspired from them.

Remember one thing there are two Ps to success-
1. Your patience
2. Your passion

If you have these too and your determination by you then there is no one stopping you. And also surround yourselves with people who motivate you, support you, and make your journey a pleasant one.
So what’s stopping you now? I am starting my journey and will start my online music tutorial classes soon. You can initiate the journey towards finding your passion with me. And if you need help in music lessons or any other help, you can seek help from me. Let’s start now.

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