folk fitness

Our folk dances have  played a crucial role in evolving a person physically, mentally, spiritually and socially. So we believe that the folk dances are a part of the scientific process towards human liberation and well being. Looking back in the history, there never was a Fat Indian farmer or an obese Fisherman and with Folk fitness, we intend to get the ingrained fitness culture back where health and fitness were a part of lives and people did not have to strive for it.
Folk Fitness is a revolutionary choreographed group workout routine blended with a tinge of ethnicity that celebrates the zest of traditional India. It is an ideal fusion of cultural gems from all parts of the country with the science of Fitness Management to attain Holistic Fitness of Body, Mind and Soul. We take pride in designing the only “Make in India” fitness product that would be India’s biggest gift to global Fitness Fraternity.


It is scientifically tested and the routines are copyrighted. It is afolk fitness unique cardiovascular, full-body strength, endurance and agility exercise program designed for people of all ages, backgrounds, and fitness levels. Being firmly rooted in India’s rich culture of folk dance, Folk Fitness stands apart and upright from all the other fitness programs. Drawing upon countless dances that have been performed in the land for centuries, Folk Fitness promises to honor the rich history of its creators while simultaneously enhancing the overall health and fitness of all who participate.