How To Watch Amazon Prime on Chromecast?

how to watch amazon prime on chromecast

Searching for how to watch amazon prime on chromecast? If yes, you have landed at a right place. Here, we have provided complete information on watching amazon prime on your chromecast.
Google chromecast is very easy to operate. It is a press and stream system that has gained huge applause from the users since its initial launch. One more interesting fact is that if you are a Chromecast owner you need not buy Amazon Firestick or Fire cube to watch the amazon prime on chromecast.
In case if you are using chromecast and if it is connected to the local network and your television, then follow the simple guide to watch amazon prime on chromecast.

How to Watch Amazon Prime on Chromecast?

• Firstly, turn on your personal computer and open chrome browser. If you own a Chromebook that is great, you can use it with ease to cast the amazon prime on your TV. After you open the chrome browser, click on the three dots on the top right corner and select the option “Cast”. In case, if your TV is already set up with chromecast, then the extension will automatically detect the devices that are connected to your local network and are capable of casting.

• Now, you can select the device on which you would like to cast.

• Once you decide the device to cast then head on to the Amazon prime video section and select a video/ movie of your choice. Once the movie is being streamed on your laptop, make sure to select the “Cast” option on your chrome browser.

• Now, your video will be able to watch amazon prime on chromecast on your Android TV.

Note: The streaming quality of Amazon prime video is completely dependent on the speed of your internet connection.

We hope, this article has given a clear insight on how to watch amazon prime on chromecast? If you have any more queries, do let us know in the comment section below.