How Digital Marketing became my career choice

Before I start sharing my opinion about digital marketing let me share about my backstory and how my journey towards being a digital marketeer started.

So a year back when I was working in a bank, and I was stuck in a stressful job. Well, the job was good and paying me well and 30th day of every month had become my favorite day. But I had realized one thing that I wasn’t exactly cut out for the job. Because A. The work demanded not only operational work but also traditional marketing to upsell the bank products B. I hated traditional marketing. I have never asked for anything from anybody; my family has always given me things without me asking them for it.

And here I was in a job where I had to ask unknown people to open accounts and invest in some financial products and sometimes I had to force the potential clients too. The things I had to do to keep track of potential clients are listed below:-

A. I had to ask the walk-in customers for their family accounts, children’s accounts, friends account, etc.

Result:- 1 out of 10 customers used to get converted.

B. Calling the customers who had shown interest in opening accounts.

Result: At times I ended up calling people who had shown interest a year back, or they had already opened an account, but some other official duped them by saying that I have asked them to open the account. So all the hard work went waste.

So, all in all, I finally decided that enough is enough, I planned to pursue MBA in hr from a premier b-school grab a post graduation degree and then join a company in a higher position. Wherein the job is respectable, and I love my job. I ultimately wanted to be happy in whatever I do and not crib about my workplace. I started preparing for MBA exams and left my job. Although I was happy but was a bit shocked because there was a sudden supply cut in my salary and the 30th day of the month was not my favorite day anymore.And a sudden realization about my current situation hit me hard, and I could just not concentrate anymore. My sister is getting married soon; my parents are going to retire very soon. And here I am with no proper plan for my future, and here my MBA dream is wherein even if I get selected the bschool fee is a whooping 20 lakhs, and I won’t be earning for another two years.

Whoa! I was so confused and tensed I didn’t know what to do. That’s when I came across this digital marketing course. I researched a lot about it. And people had mixed reactions about the same. Some said you don’t need to do a course you can do it for free and the institutes where luring me online everytime I opened my FB page I could see their adds tempting me to sign up. I could literally see them everywhere.

I finally decided to get a better picture by talking to a trainer of a digital marketing institute. And I was convinced. Finally, my graduation degree in computer science started making sense to me again.

So the trainers are excellent in this institute they have provided us premium software for free. Before joining digital marketing, there were many things I wanted to do but never really got the courage. But after I started learning it, I have started working on my youtube project, I have purchased a website, I have an FB page, Twitter page and Instagram account dedicated to my website. I have got my freedom.

Although digital marketing has bigger term MARKETING in it. And as you know from my story I have dreaded marketing because I never thought it was my cup of tea. But here I dont have to track my targeted customers like a maniac. I just have to focus on developing quality content which is relevant to my readers, and if they find it useful, they are going to stay with me believe in me and love me for my work. I don’t have to force anyone to like me. With the help of software and digital marketing I may just remind them of the services they have liked and they can purchase those services at their will.

But again Rome is not built in a day. So success in digital marketing will eventually grow not immediately. You need to be professional, punctual and engage with your readers and subscribers. And you also need to add content to your blog, youtube regularly so that you do not lose out on customers.

Remember your success in digital marketing depends upon few things:-

Even if you have decided to take up a course in digital marketing, you should have some idea about the digital world and social media and be a part of it as a customer. So that the transition from a client to a service provider is not a hard process. You can also be a digital marketeer on your own but mind you that will take a bit longer than you expect. So decide wisely.

Digital marketing has shown me a way to realize my dreams, it has given me freedom on when to work and what can I work on. I wanted to learn animation but I thought it would be a very costly affair. And here I am making animated videos for free after my mentors guided me how to go about it. So I will be sharing my first animated video with you , it is not that good, but for a first timer like me it is very excited. Hope you like it.