Physical Fitness

Everyone aspires to stay fit and stay healthy. But if you believe that fitness can be achieved in a fun way, then my friend you have come to the right place. We will help you achieve your  goals and that too while enjoying the workout regime that we have planned for you.

At Versatileify we offer you two kinds of workout routine-

  1.  Zumba Fitness- It is an international based dance workout program. Wherein the participants dance and workout to international rhythms . The steps are easy to follow. Even if you feel that you have two left feet still you can join our program and feel better about yourself. To know more tune into our zumba space.
  2.  Folk Fitness- A make up India concept started by talented Indians. Folk fitness is inspired by various folk dances of India. It is a one hour intensive workout program. Which will help you stay fit in a desi way. To know more visit our folk-fitness space.

Experience the new you, and experience the new way to achieve your goals. Stay fit and stay happy. Enjoy your classes the fun way. Life is a party, if you celebrate your life that way.